Home Appliances

Home Appliances

Home appliances have made our lives easier and more convenient, so much so that we cannot function without them. Every household possesses a variety of appliances for daily chores. But we seldom realize that these home appliances are affordable and long-lasting due to the use of plastic. Injection Moulding is the primary process for making most plastic parts or body structures of appliances.

Why Injection Moulding for Appliances?

  • Design accuracy: Due to the high-pressure injection of plastic under very controlled parameters while moulding parts, the components are identical and nearly perfect as per the mould design, which is very difficult to achieve with other methods.
  • Precision: Injection Moulding is the most reliable process to produce highly precise identical parts, without any deviation in design.
  • Versatility: One can get desired designs of plastic parts made with Injection Moulding. Once the design is specified, the moulds are prepared accordingly, allowing to produce appliance parts as per requirement.
  • Volume: This is the preferred method for manufacturing plastic moulded parts in large volumes that too in lesser time.
  • Cost: Once the mould is made, the Injection Moulding process proves to be the most efficient cost-saving way to produce large quantities, repeatedly.
  • Variation: With Injection Moulding, customization of the plastic parts is possible by adding fillers or color batches, as per the design needs.

How can UFlex Moulding address these requirements?

  • Our facility accommodates some of the well-known modern machinery with a wide tonnage range. These are capable of producing large quantities of plastic parts within the set time limits, with high precision.
  • We use virgin polymers that give us the advantage of consistent quality with precision. This also allows customization in colors and fillers for the required properties of the plastic parts.
  • We provide total Injection Moulding Solutions, all under one roof. Our in- house design, mould manufacturing, production and assembly units let the manufacturers make desired components in their designs at competitive costs.
  • We aim to deliver superior quality products within the expected timelines. It is all possible with our advanced facility and highly experienced and trained teams.
Home Appliances
Home Appliances
Home Appliances