10.5mm Cap & Without Channel Spout Assembly

  • Part Weight Cap: 1.10± 0.10gm
  • Part Weight Spout: 1.90± 0.15gm
  • Product Code Cap: CAPP-10.5
  • Product Code Spout: SPWC-10.5
  • Material Cap: PPCP
  • Material Spout: HDPE
  • Masterbatch %: As per Shade Requirement
  • Product Code Cap & Without Channel Spout Assembled: ASWC-10.5
S no. Test Name Parameter Standard
1 Cap Dimension Analysis Cap Height 18.80±0.15mm
Bottom Outer Diameter Ø19.50±0.15mm
Cap ID Ø14.20±0.05mm
2 Spout Dimension Analysis Spout Width Ø15.50±0.10mm
Inner Diameter Ø10.50±0.10mm
Outer Diameter Ø17.20±0.10mm
3 Tamper Evident Test (For Cap ) Tamper ring should Break --
4 Leakage Test Inspection Pressure: 0.25 bar Inspection Pressure tolerance : 0.05 bar Filling time: 3 sec Stabilization Time: 3 sec test time: 3 sec Pressure Decay upto 70pa allowed
5 Thread Position Deviation Test ( For Cap ) Cap to be tightened on Mandrel Gauge till stops ±20⁰
6 Packing -- Cap-10000pcs per Box Spout-4500pcs per Box

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