Core Plug 6”

Core Plug

Core plugs are a great way to protect the paper core of web rolls from dust, moisture, or other damage during transportation and storage. These plugs provide excellent support to the core of web rolls of paper, films, plastic, or metal foil while handling and processing and prevent paper cores from getting crushed or the edges getting bulged. Evidently, it is a vital structural component for holding these material rolls in place. We understand the necessity to manufacture well-designed good quality core plugs that can sustain these damages…   Read More

UFlex moulding is a volume manufacturer of affordable and reusable plastic core plugs of specified sizes in multiple designs. Our world-class and advanced machinery along with the moulds are capable of manufacturing equally superior quality core plugs. The products are designed to offer desired dimensions, strength, and ease of use by using suitable materials, fillers, and additives. However, we leave the option open for using other materials as specified by our clients if they match the quality standards and meet customer requirements.

Although light in weight, the core plugs are able to withstand the high pressures when handling the rolls. Its smooth surface makes it easy to insert and remove from the paper cores for reusing them further. The core plugs come in colors of choice and are specific in sizes for 3’’ and 6’’ cores.

Some of the key attributes of our core plugs:

  • Good finish
  • Durable and high endurance
  • Consistent quality
  • Made with specially designed polymer combinations with or without fillers or mono polymers
  • Reusable and sustainable
  • Available in colors of choice