Electrical and electronics is one sector that is growing by leaps and bounds. At the same time, all other sectors are dependent on this industry in one or the other way. This has created a great demand for plastic components needed to manufacture these devices. UFlex Moulding, which is a prime manufacturer of Injection Moulding Components, has the expertise and capabilities to manufacture Precision Plastic Moulded Parts for the Electrical Industry. We offer Injection Moulding Solutions backed up with state-of-the-art machinery, advanced premises, and a well-trained and experienced team.

Why Injection Moulding Electrical Components?

  • Design Accuracy: For any electrical device to function accurately, the internal parts must fit perfectly as per the design and have desired strength. Injection Moulded components are a preferred choice due to consistency in design.
  • Quality: The service span of electrical devices or panels is longer. So the parts used in these devices must be durable with consistent quality for better performance.
  • Cost and time: The electrical industry runs on narrow margins due to heavy competition. Injection Moulding is the most cost-effective process to produce large quantities quickly and offer enough scope for cost reduction by optimizing raw materials. Thus, increasing the profit margins.

How UFlex Moulding play a role?

  • UFlex is committed to delivering superior quality products with a fine finish. This is possible with our high-end machinery of well-known brands.
  • Our facility is well-equipped with advanced systems and experienced staff. It enables us to meet delivery time and our customer’s expectations.
  • We manufacture these plastic moulded parts with virgin polymers. Thus, ensuring uniform quality and finish throughout the batches.
  • We extend customization options for the raw materials to be used in manufacturing moulded components which can be economical for manufacturers.
  • We have in-house well-equipped facilities for mould maintenance and modification with a robust network of our associates for mould designing and manufacturing spanning across India and overseas. Thus, manufacturers can get desired electrical plastic components developed and supplied at a competitive cost, fulfilling the design requirements perfectly.
  • We test our products for durability and endurance to meet the industry standards concerning quality and functionality.