Slider, Zippers, Pouches

Sliders, Zippers & Pouches

Sliders and Zippers are one of the revolutionary inventions that have made life easy. The slider and zipper clad pouches offer an economical way to increase a product’s value and give a better experience to the consumer. Their ease of use and high level of convenience makes them the no.1 choice of packaging. They enable the opening and closing of the pouches multiple times while keeping the inside contents fresh for a longer time. This attribute gives them an edge over competitor products, increasing the appeal of the packaging. Apart from packaged goods, plastic zipper pouches are a common commodity in every household due to their re-close ability…   Read More

UFlex Moulding has always aimed to give that extra edge to the product packaging through such handy elements. Along with being a prime injection moulding firm, we are also a premium manufacturer of plastic sliders, zippers, and pouches in India. We cater to many industries like dry snacks, baby foods, dry food items, detergent powders, clothing, and accessories, etc. We provide a range of sliders and zipper tracks along with pouches of specified sizes. Our products are made of virgin quality polymers like PPCP, HDPE, and Nylon, making them safe for storing food or medicinal items. Being the prime manufacturing company, we realize the importance of aesthetics and branding, which is why our clients have a choice of colors as per their branding demands.

Some of the salient features of our sliders and zippers are:

  • High Durability
  • Long service life
  • Reliable closure of the pouches
  • Non-reactive with the contents
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Uniform in quality due to virgin polymers