28mm Cap & Spout

Cap & Spout | Spout Assembly | Double Channel

The packaging industry is heavily dependent on caps and spouts for packing liquids of various viscosity. Their convenient closure mechanism makes it easy to operate and store the packages. In addition, a spout pouch is lighter in weight and takes less space, making it easy to transport. Also, these can be used multiple times. Thus, many industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive, cosmetics, personal care, food & beverages, etc., prefer cap and spout fittings…   Read More

UFlex Moulding is trusted by all sizes of businesses- small or large, their packaging partners and they rely on us for the consistent supply of caps and spout assemblies in large quantities. We are a prominent Caps and Spout manufacturer in India. We employ modern and state-of-the-art injection moulding equipment of well-known brands and world class virgin polymers to manufacture caps and spouts.

The caps and spouts come in different standard sizes and colors. We also have different shapes to match the product packaging, like basic round or conical shapes. The spouts are of various types based on the content filling equipment like single channel, double channel, and without channel. Generally, spouts come sealed with pouches while caps are supplied separately which then can be tightened on filling machines or fill-through-spout machines.

We conduct standard tests to measure pressure tolerance and leakages. Our products meet all the necessary quality standards. We generally use PPCP for making caps while HDPE for spouts. Its inert nature doesn’t affect the content quality, making it safe to use for packaging food items and pharmaceutical products. However, we can use other materials as per customer requirement provided it meets all the standards.

Our Flip Top Cap with spout assembly have good longevity, meaning a long service life. It is tested for hinge endurance to make sure the hinges work for a longer period. Additionally, all our products undergo tamper evident tests to ensure no one has tampered with the packaging. Another option available is mushroom cap and spout assembly for better grip, and overall packaging looks. These large caps are specially designed as anti-choking caps so that children don’t suffocate from it if swallowed accidently.

Some key attributes of our Caps and Spouts assembly:

  • High durability and consistency achieved with rigorous testing
  • Superior finishing for an overall aesthetics
  • Accurate dimensions for the perfect fit and operation
  • Leak proof enclosure to prevent unwanted spillage even after multiple use.
  • User-friendly mechanism that lets the user open and close the caps with minimum efforts
  • Uniform in quality due to use of virgin polymers from reputed manufacturers and very controlled production processes.