40mm Shoulder

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Caps and closures are the vital components of the packaging of many products of thick or liquid consistency. They form the closure mechanism for tubes and small bottles for packaging moderate quantities of products. These tubes and bottles can be kept upside down without the fear of leaking. They are responsible for maintaining the quality of the content and keeping it safe from external factors. At the same time, it must be capable of holding the quantity of the content in place. Considering the role they play, it becomes crucial to manufacture caps and closures of superior quality that meet all the criteria…   Read More

UFlex Moulding intends to provide its customers with exactly that. We manufacture caps and shoulders for industries like food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, automotive, FMCG, cosmetics and many more. Our products are trusted equally by many big and small industries for keeping their products safe.

We are one of India’s leading manufacturers of caps and shoulders of various types and sizes. Our manufacturing units house some of the highly modernized equipment and moulds for manufacturing any quantity as desired. We ensure the excellent grade of our products and their long life by using superior and virgin grades of polymers i.e. PP for caps and HDPE for shoulders. Thus, all the products are consistent in quality and do not break or crack upon accidental fall. Apart from the high quality, the use of virgin polymers guarantees that it does not interact with the content of the packaging. Thus, making it the preferred choice for eatables, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. We also give other options for raw material that is suitable to use as per the customer’s request.

The caps and shoulders come in standard sizes as per specifications. Although, the color choice is as per the requirement to match the branding scheme. The caps vary in types, i.e., stand up and slant types, depending on the tube size and use.

Our caps are tested vigorously for breakage and leakage by applying a set amount of air pressure on cap and tube assembly along with tamper evident testing. Thus, making sure that the final goods are fit for packaging and comply with all the standards.

Key attributes of our caps and shoulders:

  • Superior and consistent grade due to virgin polymers
  • Non-breakable and long-life for extended use
  • Leakproof even when the container is kept upside down
  • Excellent finish for the appealing look of the product
  • Available in vibrant colors of choice
  • Accurate dimensions of the fittings for perfect closure
  • Easy screw mechanism